Another successful Panto run brought a fantastic high to the end of the year of productions from Sedgefield Players. Playing to packed houses the cast brought the usual fun and frivolity to the Parish Hall. This year the story of the Pied Piper ridding the town of Hamelin of a plague of rats was brought to audiences with the usual song, dance and comedy. The Piper, Sarah Legender, was aided by the usual characters including Dame ‘Helga Von Trump’, fabulously played by Tom Guest, alongside Willie, Kieron O’Donnell, not forgetting Blatter and Splatter, the towns idle rat catchers, Sarah Atkinson and Jacqui O’Meara, bossed around by the Burgomeister, Dave Jasper, with his Town Clerk Hans, and his girlfriend Heidi, keeping things under control at The Bier Keller. Of course, no panto is complete without the usual boos and hisses at the towns baddies, Rat-Worst and his leader Sour-Kraut, played by Terry West and Viv Jacobs, as well as Fairy Strudel who lightened the mood, played by Rebecca Garfield. Finally, topped of with a host of villagers and dancers made up of our fantastic SPYS.

This year the technical team was comprised of Tom Guest and Gill Rowe as Director and Choreographer; Walter Howell as Set Designer; Adam White as technical manager alongside Tom Hearmon and Ciaran Lines who operated the shows; CDB Production Solutions who provided pyrotechnics and special effects for the run of the shows; Ian Thurgood who staged managed; and Jeanney Iveson who did a fantastic job on costumes.

As ever, this year’s panto was a great success and we are grateful for the amount of time put in by those who worked front of house and as chaperones, and not to forget the support of our audiences. The costumes and wigs have now been packed away until 2018 when audiences can expect to see a certain magic slipper…