Treasure Island

20th and 21st July 2018

SPYS recent production of ‘Treasure Island’ in a new adaptation of Robert Louis Stephenson’s classic tale by Phil Wilmott, brought swashbuckling pirates, damsels in distress and a surprising amount of cheese to the Parish Hall in July. The SPYS worked exceptionally hard to pull of a complex and intricate piece of theatre and we are always proud of their ambition, dedication and focus.


14th-16th June
Sedgefield Players Jewish Wife

The Sedgefield Players are not normally known for performing different types of theatre, but their June production, entitled ‘The Jewish Wife and Other Plays’ sees just that. Written by Bertolt Brecht, this is a series of small plays played by members of the Players. The group also change sets, read stage directions, male parts played by women etc. The play is also set mainly in the round – on the floor of the hall, which give the audience a different view and also makes it more intimate. The plays are taken from a larger play called ‘Fear and Misery of the Third Reich.

Written just before the Second World War, the play very openly, and very bravely for the time it was written, looks at the rising difficulties that the people of Germany were facing with the growing Nazi Party and the rise of the Third Reich.

Brecht developed a very specific style of theatre for his productions, aimed at education rather than entertainment, allowing an audience to see the whole rather than the individual, and known internationally as the ‘Epic Theatre’. His Verfremdungseffekt, roughly translated as distancing techniques, allow an audience to examine their own thoughts and feelings about a specific event or subject, but with Brecht’s own political and social views very much at the forefront.

This was a completely different type of production for the group and also includes members of the SPYS, which was a great opportunity for them. It was a bold move by Thomas Guest, or director to produce this type of theatre, and we have been really pleased with the feedback it has received.


8th-10th March 2018

The Sedgefield Players most recent production, Gail Young’s ‘Bothered and Bewildered’ has been another success with excellent audiences in attendance.

The poignant and sad story of Irene, beautifully portrayed by Jean Hewling, and her ongoing battle with dementia, brought a tear to many an eye. ‘A fabulous performance by all and well worth going to see this heart-warming production’ – Nicola Brister. The pathos is offset as Irene has visions of the world famous writer Barbara Cartland (Elizabeth Flanagan). Barbara’s often hilarious interruptions help Irene to cope in a world where everything is changing and she is beginning to forget who she is. Past memories of the boy she loved and the child she gave away (played in memories by Sarah Legender and Tom Guest) come back to haunt her and her biggest secret is never fully revealed.

Beth and Louise (Sarah Atkinson and Jacqui O’Meara) have the difficult decision of deciding their mother’s care and the scenes between the two actresses are beautifully played. Granddaughter Shelley (Jessica Sadler) can’t understand their decision to put her Nan into care, until she spends an evening looking after she and realises how difficult she has become.

The cast is rounded off by Rosemary Jones, Sue Hutchinson and Ian Thurgood as the efficient but caring NHS consultant, doctor and police officer that Irene comes into contact with.

‘I have just been to another brilliant production by Sedgefield Players – anyone living anywhere near who has the chance to go – please do! Laughter and tears in equal measure, and so well acted. Well done all – an amazing production on a topic dear to my heart – dementia’. Judith Edgoose. The production has been a pleasure from start to finish with laughs a plenty, and the odd shiny eye, in the rehearsal room. Set design by Garry and Viv Jacobs brought the difference areas of the difficult staging to life while the lighting and sound, designed by Adam White, was perfect for the changing sequences and the fast pace of the play. Operators Richard Flanagan and David Jasper were excellent of the night, keeping the show running alongside the ever important (though rarely used) prompt, Annette Lawson.

Many thanks too to all who helped front of house and on the bar for making the productions run so smoothly.


A look back at the productions.
Sedgefield Players Production-RICHMOND FESTIVAL OF ONE ACT PLAYS

The Sedgefield Players have continued with their successful drama festival run, by winning the Richmond Festival of One Act Players for the second year running.

Held from Wednesday 11th April – 14th April, at The Georgian Theatre, Richmond, the festival attracted groups from Northallerton, Richmond and Sedgefield, including one youth group. Plays by Checkov and Brecht as well as Blackadder and the youth group giving a strong performance about life in early 80’s set against Thatchers Britain.

The Sedgefield Players performed ‘The Jewish Wife’ by Bertolt Brecht, and directed by Thomas Guest. This is part of a larger play ‘Fear and Misery of the Third Reich’. The Jewish Wife looks at the impact on a relationship where the wife is Jewish but the husband is not, and the sacrifices that had to be made in order to stay alive.

Adjudicated by Ben Humphrey from GODA, The Players also won the award for Best Set and the 5 women who played the part of the wife, were awarded Best Actress between them. The play now goes through to the Semi-Final of the All England Festival, to be held on 6/7 May 2018.

Sedgefield Players Production-SHUSH

It’s Brenda’s birthday and it’s not going to be a good one. The house is a mess; her son lives in America and she can’t get hold of him; her husband left her for ‘Teresa the Tramp’ and is happily making house round the corner with his new woman; and she’s being forced to take early retirement, when suddenly her friends descend on her, unannounced. What ensues is an evening of fond memories, home truths, spilled secrets, life changing declarations and a lot of alcohol.

The Players’ version took the Irish play and transferred it to the North East with Jean Hewling playing the role of Brenda. She was supported by Elizabeth Flanagan as the flatulent and lonely Irene, Jacqui O’Meara as the bolshy Marie, and Sharon Davey as her daughter Clare, who has her own secret to reveal. The cast was rounded off by Sarah Legender as glamorous neighbour Ursula, whose happy life isn’t exactly as rosy as it seems.

  • Thursday September 15th
  • Sedgefield Players Youth Section (SPYS)
    The Unravelling by Fin Kennedy
  • Sedgefield Players
    Distracted Globe by N.J.Warburton
  • Friday September 16th
  • Bananadrama of Scarborough
    The Library by Shari Gledhill
  • Sedgefield Players
    The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer

Saturday September 17th-Party night with entertainment, bar and buffet. PLEASE NOTE – No official adjudication or awards this year

Sedgefield Players Production-Dirty Dusting
'Dirty Dusting'

The first Sedgefield Players Production of 2016 went off with a resounding clatter thanks to the exploits of three elderly cleaners, who set up a phone sex line when they find out they are being made redundant. ‘Dirty Dusting’ written by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood was performed at the Parish Hall in Sedgefield to delighted audiences who laughed till the tears rolled down their cheeks as Norma Neal, Jacqui O’Meara and Viv Jacobs took to the stage as Gladys, Elsie and Olive.

The simple office setting designed by Director Walter Howell, added to the overall effect of the production with lighting and sound by Adam White. Geoff Clifford Brown played the villainous Dave to a tee, in this spectacular production by the Sedgefield Players.

Richmond Festival of One Act Plays

On 11th Feb the Sedgefield Players and SPYS took two plays to the preliminary round of the All England Theatre Festival at the Georgian Theatre in Richmond. Performing Celeste Raspanti's 'I never saw another butterfly' and Anthony Nielson's 'The night before Christmas' in this historic venue was a fantastic opportunity for the groups. GODA Adjudicator, and current Chair Paul Fowler gave excellent feedback to both groups, demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and experience in theatre (he'll be adjudicating our own festival in 2017 so watch this space). The Players production won awards for Terry West as the Elf and Sarah Legender as Cherry with a whole host of nominations.

The SPYS swept the board with awards for technical achievement, best youth group and overall winners of the festival. They will be competing in the next round of the All England in Port Sunlight, Liverpool on the 30th April.

Sedgefield Players Production-Aladdin
Xmas 2015

This year’s annual Sedgefield Players pantomime ‘Aladdin’ went off with a massive bang, filling those dark days between Christmas and New Year. The traditional story of a young street urchin falling in love with the beautiful Princess was retold by the Players with songs, dances, comedy sketches, fabulous set and costumes and extraordinary special effects.

Aladdin was portrayed with much skill be Lucy Atkinson while Millie Harris took on the role of the fiery Princess Zadé. Terry West and Brandon Hadwin played Aladdin’s mother and brother Widow Twanky and Wishee Washee, each setting themselves as firm favourites with the audiences. Jean Hewling and Elizabeth Flanagan took on the roles of the Sultan and Empress with great majesty and aplomb; while Sarah Atkinson and Jacqui O’Meara played the two daft Policemen Harun and Rashid, with a little less sophistication, but just as many laughs! The Magic was brought to the stage through the evil Abanazer, played by Alan Holcroft, with Helen Holcroft and Hilary Yeoman playing his aide Abu and Jessica Sadler playing a gorgeous Spirit of the Ring. The cast was rounded off by Sarah Legender as a fantastically musical Genie of the Lamp, singing and dancing alongside a cast of SPYS and Players who took on the roles of Villagers and Dancers.

The technical team comprised of Tom Guest and Gill Rowe as Director and Choreographer; Walter Howell as Set Designer; Chris Blakeborough as Technical Designer; Adam White and Ciaran Lines, who operated the show; David Jasper and Ian Thurgood who stage managed; Helen Holcroft on hair and Makeup; and Viv Jacobs, Jeanney Iveson and Norma Neal, who did a fantastic job on costumes.

The show was, as ever, a great success and we are massively grateful to the support of our audiences, those who worked front of house and as chaperones.

Sedgefield Players Production-The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen

On July 17th and 18th the SPYS performed their first ever, full length, solo play to packed houses. Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Snow Queen' tells the story of Gerda whose friend Kai has been kidnapped by the Snow Queen, in a new adaptation by Ron Nicol. Through treacherous landscapes Gerda meets a variety of different people, some friendly, some not, who help her find her way to Lapland, to where the Snow Queen is keeping her friend Kai.

Set designer Walter Howell created a Winter Wonderland in the middle of July, with the help of lighting and sound by Adam White and Ciaran Lines. Technical adviser Chris Blakeborough helped us to bring real snow into the Hall to create a truly magical experience.

Over 50 SPYS took to the stage in this production which was Directed by Sarah Atkinson and Choreographed by Tom Guest.

Sedgefield Players Production-Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch

The Sedgefield Players June Production of Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, was a resounding success. Telling the story of brother and sister Martin and Hilda Massie, the play takes a comedic look at what can happen when paranoia, self-preservation and a small-minded community begin their own Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, with disastrous consequences.

Martin and Hilda were played admirably by Alan Holcroft and Jacqui O’Meara. Thomas Guest and Norma Neal provided comic relief as Rod and Dorothy with Richard Garfield playing the hapless Gareth. Sarah Legender played Amy, wife of Gareth, who has affairs with half the street, including next door neighbour, and all round bad guy, Luther Bradley, played by newcomer Ian Thurgood. Rebecca Garfield completed the cast as Luther’s wife Magda, who harbours a secret of her own.

Directed by Thomas Guest, with set design by Walter Howell and lighting and sound design by Chris Blakeborough, Adam White and David Jasper, the June production certainly brought the house down.